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Free Workshops & Webinars

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we are presenting FREE EDUCATIONAL WEBINARS (see below) and offering VIDEO CONFERENCES. See below or contact us to schedule your choice.

Free Workshops

300+ no-obligation educational workshops annually

We hold 5-6 seminars every week, year round, across Ohio.

These free informational workshops are designed to help you keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Find out how you can maximize your retirement income by reducing taxes and take advantage of strategies to preserve and protect your assets through sickness and at your death.

Topics include:

Optimize your Social Security benefits

Minimize taxes on retirement accounts

Reduce or eliminate capital gains tax on real estate & investments

Get the most from gifts to your church or charity

Avoid the cost & delay of probate

Protect your kid’s inheritance from creditors, predators & divorce

Preserve your assets from long term care expenses

Prefer a Free One-on-One or Virtual Meeting?

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Need a Public Speaker?

Interested in having us speak at your workplace, club, or church?

At no cost to you we can present on a variety of topics, including:
Taxes, Retirement Planning, Social Security, Estate Planning, and Nursing Home Planning.

The presentations can be short, informative, and fun!

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