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Free Workshops

300+ no-obligation educational workshops annually

We hold 5-6 seminars every week, year round, across Ohio.

These free informational workshops are designed to help you keep more of your
hard-earned money in your pocket.

Learn ways to minimize taxes and maximize your IRAs.

Find out about strategies to preserve & protect your assets
through sickness and at your death.

Topics include:

  • Optimize your Social Security benefits
  • Minimize taxes on retirement accounts
  • Reduce or eliminate capital gains tax on real estate & investments
  • Get the most from gifts to your church or charity
  • Avoid the cost & delay of probate
  • Protect your kid’s inheritance from creditors, predators & divorce
  • Preserve your assets from long term care expenses

Free Seminars


We offer free in-person seminars and occasional online webinars for those who prefer to attend a workshop from the safety and comfort of their own home. Click on any of the seminars below to register.

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Need a Public Speaker?

Interested in having us speak at your workplace, club, or church?

At no cost to you we can present on a variety of topics, including:
Taxes, Retirement Planning, Social Security, Estate Planning, and Nursing Home Planning.

The presentations can be short, informative, and fun!

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