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Why You Need an Estate and Elder Law Attorney

You Might Need an Estate & Elder Law Attorney If You’re Facing…

Burdensome Taxes

If you have 401Ks, IRAs or other qualified pre-tax monies and are looking for ways to get money out in a tax efficient way for your income, family or healthcare needs

If you want to avoid being cornered into a large income tax liability as you get older, find out about strategies that could allow you to get money out of IRAs, with low or no tax and into Roths or other investments

If you have mutual funds, stocks, bonds or real estate and wish to learn options to minimize or eliminate capital gains while taking advantage of capital losses

If you are making even modest charitable contributions, find out how to fully benefit yourself as well as your charity

Family Situations

If you want to make sure your inheritance goes to your children without loss from your children’s divorces, creditors, or other liabilities, explore the possibility of putting them into special trusts

If you are concerned about how your spouse or disabled child will be provided for if you are incapacitated or at your death, find out how to make intelligent decisions now that will protect them in the future

If you are considering remarriage, make sure you know what to consider before you tie the knot so that your estate is protected from your intended’s healthcare, family or credit issues

Healthcare Decisions

If you want to make sure your money will take you to the finish line, start planning now to make the most of your assets

If you worry about how you will pay for care if you face a healthcare crisis, learn about the options you have for care using the most tax-efficient way to pay for the care of your choice

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